House Concerts & Parties

House concerts are a great way to host a fun, intimate evening of live acoustic music in your living room for your friends and neighbors. House concerts and kitchen parties have been at the heart of the music we love for centuries, and hosting such an event keeps the tradition alive!

How do I host a house concert?

Easy! Just invite 25 or more friends, relations, and neighbors to come to your house on the night of the concert. Make sure you have plenty of seating, and if you are running short, ask guests to bring their own. Cozy is great, and adds to the atmosphere. Some hosts prepare snacks or organize a potluck before the show, but it’s not a requirement.

When inviting folks to come, let them know there will be a suggested donation of $10. If it feels weird to be charging your friends, simply place a jar at the door with a sign reading:

$10 Suggested Donation
Kids Free!
All proceeds go to the musicians

We usually play for about 2 hours, including a break between sets. Typically a house concert will run from about 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Contact us to discuss setting up a concert at your house.